Drinking & Smoking With the Presidents

Every four years, there’s not only a race for either Presidents to hang onto the White House – or Presidential candidates to seize the keys from them, and move in. A parallel race is also run, however, by manufacturers and marketers to place these Presidents and Presidential Candidates into Our House, and make these men a part of our daily lives –  as everyday household objects. And as time goes on and the Presidents come and go from the White House, the objects they’ve been memorialized on may prove disturbing or ironic, but they are almost universally ridiculous and amusing. Here then, a new regular column, to be ongoing through the 2012 Presidential campaign year: Presidents as Household Objects.

The James Monroe Whiskey bottle.

Chester Arthur cigar box label and cigar band.

The Woodrow Wilson Pipe.

Bill Clinton corkscrew.

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  1. Those “curios” were adorable:) i loved the Jimmy Carter mouthpiece, even though, he is certainly not my favorite President.

  2. Incredible items. some collection!

    Can’t wait for the rest to come.

    Thanks for sharing.


    You are a very well expressed writer.


    • Haha, glad you enjoyed it. I did a book with some of these called Heads of State, published in 2004 – but the publisher or the bookstores completely classified in the wrong section – should have been in History, Politics, or Humor and they put it in…Collectibles. Argh. Lesson learned. But many more forthcoming through November. Thanks for writing.

  3. Carl–

    Are these artifacts from your personal collection?

  4. Love the Clinton corkscrew….For sale? name your price!!

    • Haha…well thanks. One of these days, hopefully sooner rather than later I hope to transact it all out of my garage so others can enjoy those items. Will keep you in mind – until then, I really appreciate your troubling to write. Thanks.

      • I’ve been collecting the “heads of state” since the book came out several years ago.
        I have all with the exception of Clinton’s corkscrew and the Franklin Pierce suspender clip.
        Makes for a fantastic conversation in my huge coffee table. Thanks for responding and yes
        please keep in mind

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