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Kitten-Loving Lincoln & His White House Cat Team (Cats in the White House, Part 2)

There was no question he was an intelligent man and a sensitive one. It is hardly a surprise how he reverentially treated animals. In fact, before he left Springfield, Illinois for what would be hist last time home, president-elect Abraham… Read More ›

Five Presidents Who Went to War & Killed Themselves For It: FDR (Part 4)

¬† Franklin D. Roosevelt, World War II Even before he was permanently paralyzed by polio in 1921, Franklin D. Roosevelt had been inscrutable. He was sly in manipulating those around him with an infectious charm and wily in foreseeing long-range… Read More ›

Five Presidents Who Went to War & Killed Themselves For It: Wilson (Part 3)

Woodrow Wilson and World War I (this separate article appeared yesterday as part of one which considered William McKinley) A childhood dominated by the strict inculcation of pre-destiny by his father, a Presbyterian minister, and the deprivation of war which… Read More ›

Obama’s Regional Identity Conflict: A Matter of Presidential Legacy

Perhaps President Obama’s 52nd birthday yesterday may help prompt resolution of a conflict which hangs heavier with each passing day of his presidency’s¬†remaining three and a half years. His decision will forever frame his legacy, yet is ultimately a personal… Read More ›

Speculating on Presidential Sexuality & the first Lesbian First Lady

As early as 1802, when journalist James Callendar first published snide suggestions that President Thomas Jefferson was conducting something of a romance and sexual relationship with African-American Sally Hemings, who was enslaved by him, there has been no hesitation by… Read More ›

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