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The Cool Cats of Coolidge (Cats in the White House, Part 6)

This article resumes the series begun last autumn on Cats in the White House, previous installments covering the Fillmore, Lincoln, Hayes and Theodore Roosevelt Administrations. Coolidge liked cats. But you’d never know it from popular history. It’s the startling vision… Read More ›

Cool but Contemplative: Jolson Jazzes with Coolidge’s 1924 Campaign Song

He came back – with another song. This time, however, when the legendary screen and stage actor, Al Jolson first performed the official campaign song of a Republican presidential campaign, he didn’t have to march the streets of small-town Oho and… Read More ›

Grace Coolidge, her White Collies, Coolidge Animal Love & Why JFK and Jackie Kennedy Liked Her: A Photo Essay

Any man who does not like dogs and want them about, does not deserve to be in the White House. Calvin Coolidge Few can question that Thomas Jefferson was the great gourmand to live in the White House. Jimmy Carter… Read More ›

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