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Different demographics in different regions shaping Holidays with American style.

A Dozen First Lady Fourths: Presidential Wives’ Independence Days Radically Diverse

Since that day of July 4, 1776. when its independence was first declared by the American colonies upon the ratification of the Declaration of Independence, the United States has marked Independence Day for 240 years. It was only thirteen years… Read More ›

Pulaski Days in Grand Rapids: Michigan’s Polish-American Holiday

Yesterday, October 11, was once traditionally celebrated in cities with large Polish-American populations as the traditional Pulaski Day, marking the day that Count Casimir Pulaski, a native of Warka, Poland, heroically died in 1779 while fighting for American independence. By the… Read More ›

Rich Celebrity First Mom: Franklin Roosevelt’s Dominant Mother Sara

Everyday must have seemed like Mother’s Day to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Sara Delano Roosevelt wouldn’t have permitted it any other way. “Am I proud of being an historic mother?!” she waspishly repeated a question rudely thrown her way by reporters. “Indeed… Read More ›

Betty Draper, Brach’s Easter Candy & Sugar Daddy

Review the colorful caricatures lining the Twentieth Century Hall in the Pantheon of American Archetypes and its fairly easy to still recognize them by sight. There’s the Humorless Suffragette, Gibson Girl, Flapper, Rosie the Riveter, Hippy Chick, Liberated Feminist, Boxy-Suited… Read More ›

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