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Who are the many that have made US one.

Swinging Sixties Secretaries & Sexual Harassment: The 1967 Movie Musical That First Confronted It

Sometimes a catchy tune can say it better than editorials or protest rallies. Among the most revelations about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment towards women who worked for him or auditioned for a role in one of his films,… Read More ›

Pulaski Days in Grand Rapids: Michigan’s Polish-American Holiday

Yesterday, October 11, was once traditionally celebrated in cities with large Polish-American populations as the traditional Pulaski Day, marking the day that¬†Count Casimir Pulaski, a native of Warka, Poland, heroically died in 1779 while fighting for American independence. By the… Read More ›

First Ladies You Mightn’t Know Were Irish, from Jackie Kennedy to Dolley Madison

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, so the saying goes. The leaves of presidential family trees certainly prove this, especially when the definition is widened to include those popularly known as “Scotch-Irish,” a general term which usually (but not… Read More ›

American Hanukkah: How Pop Culture Created “Jewish Christmas”

This Holiday Season, many who celebrates Christmas might sense something is sorely missing.¬† Hanukkah. In the store aisles, alongside the rock-and-roll animatronic Santa Claus shaking his belly and fake green wreathes with red glass ornaments, there are none of the… Read More ›

California Oktoberfest: Authentically German, Utterly American

It’s that time of year again. Cincinnati makes sense. Upper Midwestern cities certainly. East Coast bastions of ethnic immigrant history absolutely. But Oktoberfest in Torrance, California? That small city in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County that’s home… Read More ›

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