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Whore, Hayseed, Bigamist, Bigot, Slut, Snob, Drunk: Candidate Wives As Campaign Issues

Earlier this week, another malicious skirmish broke out on the presidential campaign trail. First came an advertisement from a wing of the Stop-Trump movement using an old advertising photograph of the the candidate’s wife Melania Trump, a former model, showing… Read More ›

How the Michelle Obama & Ann Romney Cookie Contest Started: Blame Mrs. Harrison’s Pigs-in-a-Blanket

Republicans and Democrats are offering each other bitter commentary and salty language in judging the first presidential debate performances on Wednesday night of President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. But its nothing but sugar when it came to the… Read More ›

“Hello Lyndon!” How Carol Channing Helped LBJ Win the Election

They were both accused, at times, of being corny caricatures, but as human beings the legendary President from Texas, Lyndon Baines Johnson and Hollywood and Broadway actress Carol Channing were – and are (Channing recently turned 91) exuberant and enthusiastic… Read More ›

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