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Rats in the White House: Pestering Tales of Barbara Bush in the Pool & Others

As First Lady, Caroline Harrison was perhaps the first genuine Domestic Goddess of the White House. Her grey hair and round figure belied her sharp wit, interest in history, progressive ideas on health and women’s equality, and activist personality. It… Read More ›

“Beerack” Obama’s Home Brew is Latest Chapter In Presidential Booze Story

His July 2009 “Beer Summit” might have tipped us off. Working on he premise that there might be little that can’t be reasonably resolved over some beers, seven months into his new job as Chief Executive, President Barack Obama hosted… Read More ›

The Last Original Campaign Song: Jerry Ford’s Bicentennial Tune

Yesterday, it was learned that The Silversun Pickups directed its attorney to request that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stop using its  song “Panic Switch,” as a campaign song, for political reasons. In the last quarter of a century, this… Read More ›

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