Abraham Lincoln to Pee Wee Herman: Eight Celebrity Degrees of Separation

Abraham Lincoln – Ulysses. S. Grant – Mark Twain – Nikola Tesla – Albert Einstein – Charlie Chaplin – Alla Nazimova – Nancy Reagan – Rodney Dangerfield – Pee Wee Herman

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  1. Hey, I’m just one degree from Rodney Dangerfield! I met Nancy Reagan.

    These mashups are quite fun. Got any advice on methodology? I’m wondering how I could use this to send students on chases through history and the internet.

    • Hmm…good question though maybe you just showed it in your first remark! Meaning you are also a few degrees from either PeeWee or Lincoln! Maybe you can use it to have the kids question their parents grandparents and other relatives to find their own similar connections. Part of the hard thing – but which I insist on for the column is to have an image of the two people meeting, even if – as was the case with Lincoln-Grant and Grant-Twain, it is an engraving and not a photo. By the way, thanks for engaging on this! I love that column most of all – a real puzzle at times. I am striving to link a very important figure to one in contemporary pop culture – or, two oddly matched people….like Mae and Mao.

      • NIxon and Lenin, or Reagan and Lenin, would be good. I’ve often wondered about what Herman Melville would have made of Thomas Edison, since Edison’s lights pretty much turned out the lights on whaling (to get whale oil, for lamps).

        Barry Bonds and the Black Sox. Obama and Lincoln.

        Wow, lots of great possibilities, if they could be linked.

  2. P.S. How am I missing your “search” box?

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