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All The Presidents’ Birthdays: Dance Balls to Movie Star Fundraisers in 90 Rare Photos

For several generations a popular story about St. James Church made the rounds of the Hudson River Valley community. One Sunday, an old Republican matriarch member was mortified to find her pews crammed with complete strangers, gawking and waiting for… Read More ›

Presidents in Drag: Under Cartoon Petticoats A Subversive Sexism

In this Halloween season, there’s no better time to look back at what is perhaps the most peculiar propensity of the past presidency. Unknown to most Americans is the custom, begun in 1840 of male Presidential candidates and Presidents cross-dressing as… Read More ›

Adams Snubs Washington’s Birthday & His Snarky Top 10 List on GW

The second President liked the first President well enough, but he wasn’t all gaga about having The Great One’s birthday celebrated with dance parties, fireworks and parades. In fact, if any one President would surely take fiendish pleasure in knowing… Read More ›

Kitten-Loving Lincoln & His White House Cat Team (Cats in the White House, Part 2)

There was no question he was an intelligent man and a sensitive one. It is hardly a surprise how he reverentially treated animals. In fact, before he left Springfield, Illinois for what would be hist last time home, president-elect Abraham… Read More ›

Five Presidents Who Went to War & Killed Themselves For It: Lincoln(Part 1)

It won’t be the first time – and it’s likely not to be the last. If, as the currently unfolding situation suggests, President Barack Obama determines an incursion of military action into blood-soaked embattled Syria, he will join a long… Read More ›

The Untold Mary Lincoln Story Spielberg Couldn’t Show & None Seem to Know

A week after President’s Day and during Black History Month, the Academy Award ceremony brings renewed focus on Best Supporting Actress-nominee Sally Field’s portrayal of First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln in screenwriter Tony Kushner’s and director Steven Spielberg’s masterful feature… Read More ›

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