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Marilyn Monroe to Saddam Hussein to Brittany Spears: Celebrity Degrees of Separation

Marilyn Monroe to Ronald Reagan to Donald Rumsfeld to Saddam Hussein to Jacques Chirac to Shimon Perez to Madonna Ciccone to Brittany Spears In the spring of 1945, during World War II, when actor Ronald Reagan was Commanding Officer of… Read More ›

Mao to Fred Mertz: Celebrity Degrees of Separation

Mao Tse-Tung – General George C. Marshall – Lucille Ball – “Fred Mertz” Amazingly, there’s only three degrees of separation between one of the world’s most dramatic dictators and one of the world’s most dictatorial dramatists. In December 1945, President… Read More ›

The Wright Brothers to the Kardashian Sisters: Celebrity Degrees of Separation

Wright Brothers – Orville Wright – Charles Lindbergh – Will Rogers – Eleanor Roosevelt – Dorothy Height – Barack Obama – Khloé  Kardashian – Kardashian Sisters Andrews, Marx, Kennedy, Jonas, Mitford, Del Rubio, Smothers, Rockefeller, Dolly, Baldwin.  From business to… Read More ›

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