Mao to Lady Gaga: Celebrity Degrees of Separation

Mao Tse-Tung – Josef StalinWinston ChurchillEleanor RooseveltGary CooperPablo PicassoBrigitte Bardot – Queen Elizabeth – Lady Gaga

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  1. Clever! Could tighten it with Gary Cooper meeting Queen Elizabeth in 1959.

  2. you´re funny, carl! this “degree of relations” game, always make me laugh… the possibilities are infinite – ive got one bond by handshakes – from “stalin > churchill > roosevelt > Kennedys > Ethel Skakel > Taylor Swift > a friend of mine at concert > ME !!!” is as much valid LOL

    • I work hard on that column – and there’s often so many choices, and one of these days, I will slip in “me” too…..

      • dear carl, in no way i was mocking you, please forgive me if it sounded rude… im very aware that you worked hard on each article – as always sir your articles are interesting and educational but those “degrees of separation” make me laugh for the cheer suprise in their characters. in your case, the ME would be valid for any VIP because youve met so many in person.

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