The Yeager Fund for Special Need Dogs Who’ll Never Be Adopted

Yeager in January of 2011.

Today, 2011’s last business day for tax-deductible charitable contributions I’m compelled to ask as many people as possible to take 45 seconds, click to a link and to PayPal and help keep alive and healthy some gentle, loving Dogs with special needs. Not by behavior, but rather circumstances like foreclosed homes, divorce and new jobs, many dogs (predominantly, not exclusively Weimaraners) are fated to live out the rest of their lives in a no-kill shelter, here in southern California, Friends For Pets. Despite their affection, energy and enthusiasm but simply by numerical age, older dogs are rarely adopted. Others develop special needs or disability as they age but live without pain or fatal illness, yet limited to a dog run where they wait for a home that never comes. With FFP, I created the Yeager Fund to provide them similar care to Yeager, who was adopted at six and lived on for a decade. For the price of lunch and lattes, they can be helped: $30 provides food for a dog for one month; $50 buys a dog slated for euthanasia out of the animal shelter; $75 provides one day’s enjoyment of rawhides for everyone; $150 provides one day’s veterinary care for a sick dog; $1,800 pays one month’s veterinary bills; $2,000 pays the kennel mortgage for one month. If you’ve enjoyed my “donated” work here, please consider a donation here:

I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Please do share this with anyone and everywhere you can. If 500 people donate $30 each, we will reach our goal of $15,000.

Many thanks,


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  1. You got in Carl. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Warm thoughts and good memories! Jeanne (Taggart)

  2. Lad- I am fighting the fight here in VT supporting our local shelter and raising our own rescue. Thank you for sharing Yeager’s story . I have shared the link and hope every little bit helps!!!! XOX Bon Knee

    • Thank you Geraldo not only for your consistent support and thumbs-up, but also the generous contribution you recently made to the Yeager Fund which I’ve just learned about. Nothing could possibly be more important and meaningful to me personally. You’ve been the sort of friend and supporter that every person, let alone blogger, should have in their corner. Cheers, Carl

      • Wow… You got me speechless now. And what to say about your generosity in keeping this blog, dazzling us with your brilliance, on every single post? Oh well, I said it before, and I’ll say it again: MY PRIVILEGE! Cheers back. 🙂

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