Three Yeager the Weimaraner Singing Christmas Hat Videos

It’s somewhat ironic that someone who once was bewildered by people who plastered their work stations with snapshots of their red-eyed dogs, pooches, cats and kitties would have so eagerly become a personal photographer and videographer to his late, great Weimaraner, Yeager.

This is my first holiday season without the old boy and one can easily guess my sentiments about the silence of his absence. Without being indulgent, and also remembering that this will also be the first holiday season for millions of people suddenly without the presence of their children, spouses, parents and other loved ones, human or otherwise, I find humorous comfort in reviewing three of the nutty Singing Christmas hat videos I made with Yeager.

I’m publishing these here for the first time. The first was made in 2007 (the most popular on Youtube), the second in 2006 (my favorite for capturing his benign indifference to human idiocy). The final one was the last one I made of him at Christmas, done last year.

They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, perhaps neither endearing or funny to many, but they might prove a distraction for anyone who grew unusually close to an animal family member now gone.

And….if you enjoy them and are so inclined, please consider a donation, however modest, to The Yeager Fund for special need dogs who will likely never be adopted but live the rest of their years in the no-kill rescue shelter from which I adopted Yeager. You can do this easily and quickly, even by PayPal at:

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  1. Awwww… this year two of my kitties (who were 17) are sleeping under the ground instead of under the tree. I know how you feel.

    • Poignantly expressed. And so I can also say, we share that feeling this year. Thank you. By the way, is an amazing blog, practically realtime coverage, unfiltered by editorializing, of perhaps the most important person, let alone woman, working on literally helping the people of the world as practically and realistically and strongly as anyone else possibly can – Hillary Clinton. I have come to rely on your work there.

  2. Hi Carl:

    Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas & New Year. Like most of your fans/followers here, I really enjoy & appreciate your blog. “carlanthony online” is a wonderful example of how the net can truly
    be an enriching experience.

    I also thank you for sharing some more amzing storys/pix about Yeager. I do know the sadness of loosing a beloved pet. My Christmas wish for you is a new puppy. You will never forget Yaegger.
    Instead you will be amazed & appreciative of how different pet personalitys can be..

    • Thank you Suzanne. Maybe eventually, but in the meanwhile I do enjoy fostercaring some of the unadopted Weimaraners from Friends for Pets. And I think I do still sort of search for him in other dogs right now, which isn’t quite so fair to them, as far as adoption. Time, as always, seems to help.

  3. Oh well, you got me a teary eye again. Unbelievably sweet and warm. I dare anyone not to relate to and get emotional watching that. Thank you so much, once again, for sharing such memories with us. Happy holidays Carl. Yeager will be present alright, after all you are celebrating his memory, and by doing so, you keep him alive. Gonna make my donation now. Thank goodness for PayPal! 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing Yeager with us. I must say he was one laid back mellow weim. Our Chase would have eaten the head off that hand puppet! I am sorry that Yeager is gone but it was the story of you lives together that brought me to your website. So you see Yeager is still creating good karma for you. Just recently we held our 16 year old lab Jake while he slipped over the rainbow bridge, I know that it may sound childish but it gives me great comfort to think of my Jake and your Yeager running and playing pain free and healthy again. My heart knows your pain and I wish all of us a Holiday Season that while empty of their physical presence is filled with the wonderful memories they left behind.

    • How incredibly kind and generous with your time for writing that Mary. I’d really thought I’d sort of felt a.o.k. again, but yeah, Yeager was sure a lot of fun this time of year. Somedays I believe everything, somedays I believe nothing in regard to not just human but non-human afterlife. I do know for sure one thing – that everytime I hear from or about someone else, like yourself, who has endured the loss of such intense and open love with an animal, I’m healthily reminded again of yet another way in which we’re all more closely connected, even if we don’t see, speak or even know one another personally. Thank you so much. And I do feel good about starting the Yeager Fund for all the gentle and beautiful older dogs who live well and healthily but are never adopted simply because of their numerical age. I’m not sure old Yeags would have wanted another dog around with him, but I detect parts of his personality in every dog I encounter.

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