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The First President To Win With Actors: Al Jolson’s 1920 Campaign Song for Harding

George Clooney, fundraising and providing thematic strategy for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign or Clint Eastwood speaking at the convention nominating Mitt Romney: neither story causes a blink in either Hollywood or Washington. Yet preceding even the famous efforts of… Read More ›

Blond Bigotry, Anti-Semitism & Why a Candidate’s Wife Fabricated Her Family

This article is part of an ongoing series about the racial, religious and ethnic identity of First Ladies, beginning with the recent discoveries about First Lady Michelle Obama and her ancestry from both an Irish immigrant family of Georgia slave-owners… Read More ›

Poisoning the President? Florence Harding & Her Husband's "Strange" Death, August 2, 1923

(This material is copyrighted) She was so inexplicably, almost mystically drawn to Alaska, First Lady Florence Harding had visions of the territory’s snow-capped mountains in her dreams. And nibbling on the frozen treat sensation of 1923 – the Eskimo Pie,… Read More ›

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