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The First White House Valentine’s Day Dance: the McKinleys, Ragtime, Racism & The Romance of the “Ghost Girls”

On February 14, 1901, just over three months after he won re-election to a second term and eighteen days before his second inauguration, President William McKinley and his wife, First Lady Ida McKinley hosted the fourth of the five White… Read More ›

Kitschy, Kitschy Cute: Interpreting Old Valentine’s Day Vases

Kitschy, Kitschy Cute. Throughout the Fifties and early Sixties, before they were sent in cheap papier-mâché and then expensive colored-glass vases,  sweethearts sent Valentine’s Day flowers in highly-breakable ceramic ones with that once-ubiquitous label “Made in Japan.” How many ways… Read More ›

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