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Rats in the White House: Pestering Tales of Barbara Bush in the Pool & Others

As First Lady, Caroline Harrison was perhaps the first genuine Domestic Goddess of the White House. Her grey hair and round figure belied her sharp wit, interest in history, progressive ideas on health and women’s equality, and activist personality. It… Read More ›

Five Presidents Who Went to War & Killed Themselves For It: Lincoln(Part 1)

It won’t be the first time – and it’s likely not to be the last. If, as the currently unfolding situation suggests, President Barack Obama determines an incursion of military action into blood-soaked embattled Syria, he will join a long… Read More ›

Ten Election Day Moments of Presidential Families

Which Presidential candidate wins on Election Day is obviously of importance to the nation and the world, as the citizens, financial institutions, losing political party and hundreds of other institutions, organizations and individuals anticipate the winner carrying out their campaign… Read More ›

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