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After Terror Attack, First Lady Fortifies Fearful Nation: Mrs. Roosevelt’s Pearl Harbor Day Address

Terrorism. Refugees. Homeland protection. Fascism. Wartime preparation. Words from the White House. Two days ago, Sunday, December 6, 2015, President Barack Obama addressed the nation on the burgeoning war on terrorism, following a deadly attack in California. Seventy-three years ago… Read More ›

Rich Celebrity First Mom: Franklin Roosevelt’s Dominant Mother Sara

Everyday must have seemed like Mother’s Day to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Sara Delano Roosevelt wouldn’t have permitted it any other way. “Am I proud of being an historic mother?!” she waspishly repeated a question rudely thrown her way by reporters. “Indeed… Read More ›

Uncle Sam: Flagg-Branded Through World Wars (Part 4 of 5)

Although cartoonist Thomas Nast had given Uncle Sam a familiar look, the personification of the United States government was aged, colorized, and seemingly animated by a famous magazine illustrator who’s last name was, appropriately enough, Flagg. James Montgomery Flagg was 39… Read More ›

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