Pies of the States

Texas’s Margarita Pie


California‘s Orange Meringue Pie


Pennsylvania’s Gooseberry Pie


Oregon’s Marionberry Pie


New Hampshire’s Marlborough Pie


Tennessee’s Jack & Mary Fudge Pie


Indiana’s Sugar Cream Finger Pie


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  1. Looking forward to your next pie recipe! The New Hampshire Marlborough seems about as New England as you could possibly get, so thanks especially for that one. Meanwhile, the orange pie has been a hit at my table. Really something. Light years ahead of any version I came up with in the past on my own.

    • That Orange Meringue Pie has got to be the best – and not just because I’m Californian. I have a whole lineup to come – pies of Arkansas, Ohio, New York, Delaware, Alabama, but after Election Day I think – a lot of them are best with fresh fruit which appears in the spring, so I’m routing around to see if I can swap some others in for winter. Thanks for being the unofficial “Pies of the State Testing Site” along with another regular reader here, Jake G. I promise some more soon.

  2. The Marlborough Pie is now tops on my list too, having been subjected to the rigors of my test kitchen this week. I’ve even come up with my own variation, to suit a non-alcoholic guest list, and because I’m not so fond of puff pastry. So I used 1/2 tsp. ground ginger instead of the wine (I’m saving the last bottle of a very fine case of Madeira to be consumed gradually when I have a hankering for a nightcap this winter), and used a pâte brisée crust. I also increased the sugar slightly, to 3/4 cup, since my Gravenstein applesauce was pretty tart. And I added 1/4 white flour, to help the pie to set, given all that liquid. Lastly: whipped cream on top at serving time doesn’t hurt, for those who have a tendency to gild the culinary lily.

    • Thank you for your effort on the “upgrade” – and I hope readers might take your tips on giving it a bit more punch. Please continue if you have the time and inclination, with future “pies of the states.” I must admit that as much effort as I put into finding the right pies of each state, based on produce and regional popularity – my mind goes numb with boredom with it comes to making crusts. Hence, my reliance on the good old standard Trader Joe frozen pie crust….

  3. Nothing wrong with a good frozen pie crust. Everyone should have a few stashed away in their freezer. Next best invention to incandescent light bulbs and electric carpet sweepers.

  4. And Diana Vreeland’s favorite pie, according to Jackie’s cook Marta Sgubin, was Shepherd’s Pie, but I’m sure anything served up in Jackie’s dining room would have been good–or at least played second fiddle to the hostess herself. Zippers and aspirin, absolutely.

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