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The Agoraphobic Dog: Fostercare Weimaraner #4, Baron The Dichotomus

I’ve recently finished the fourth period of time for the fourth “unadoptable” Weimaraners I’ve had the privilege to fostercare from Friends for Pets, southern California’s Weimaraner rescue and no-kill shelter. The first three were Paddington, Weimy and Beamer. This fellow is Baron,… Read More ›

Jackie Kennedy’s Dogged Influence on JFK Jr. & Canine-Themed Homes

While yesterday’s article, The Dogs of Jackie O: Jackie Kennedy’s Lifetime of Canine Companions, detailed the First Lady’s life alongside a series of pooches during almost fifty of her sixty-four years, even after there were no longer four-legged friends in… Read More ›

To All Readers: Help These Dogs, Please.

For two years now, everything available on this website, be it articles that readers access for pleasure or research, images pinned on Pinterest and answered questions from even anonymous individuals has been provided without subscription. Nearly 240 magazine-length stories have… Read More ›

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