Jackie Kennedy’s Dogged Influence on JFK Jr. & Canine-Themed Homes

Jackie Kennedy introduces her five-year old son to become comfortably acquainted with some husky dogs during a Utah ski trip.her son to some Husky dogs, 1964. While yesterday’s article, The Dogs of Jackie O: Jackie Kennedy’s Lifetime of Canine Companions, detailed the First Lady’s life alongside a series of pooches during almost fifty of her sixty-four years, even after there were no longer four-legged friends in her homes, there were constant reminders of them. As seen here, dogs were depicted in paintings, drawing and other interior furnishings of her primary residences and those where she spent weekends and vacations. These artworks and objects came to public light two years after her death, during the first of two public auctions of the contents of her properties. Study of a Greyhound, British School 18th Century. Study of as Dog, Flemish School 17th Century, which she bought at auction in 1990 and hung at 1040. Jean-Baptiste Oudry’s Study of a Hound Baying, which hung in the family quarters of the White House and the living room at 1040. A Whippet and a King Charles Spaniel on a Red Cushion, which hung in the White House and 1040. The Cavalier’s Pets, which hung int he White House and 1040. Study of a Spaniel Barking by Oudrey, black chalk on grey paper, acquired in 1961. Water Dog, a reproduction of an English colored engraving which hung in the hall at the top of the stairs at the Hyannis house. A hooked rug with a Saint Bernard and a Poodle, from her Hyannis home. Framed English needlework panel of a Spaniel, likely hung in the White House. Charlie, the White House Welsh terrier in watercolor, which hung in family quarters there. Spelter cast iron dog head light fixtures. While Jackie Kennedy Onassis had more luck in teaching her daughter Caroline to share her love for her other favorite animal, horses, it certainly appears that her passion for dogs was eagerly and easily inherited by her son, John F, Kennedy, Jr. Although he was not yet three years old at the time their dog Pushinka had puppies, she trusted him to gently handle and play with them during the brief days the children shared with the puppies at the end of summer in 1963. John F. Kennedy, Jr. engaging with one of Pushinka’s pups, August 1963. John Kennedy, Jr. holds onto a husky dog puppy, December 1965.

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