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Carl Anthony had written hundreds of articles and a dozen books, provided broadcast and other media commentary to all the major television and cable stations, and participated in panel symposiums around the country.

He has also delivered multi-media lectures in venues ranging from the White House, Smithsonian, Presidential Libraries, universities, private clubs, civic organizations, corporate conventions, even to guests on cruise ships and a moving railroad train (see “Author Bio”).

If you wish to generally inquire about this website magazine and any one of his books (see “Author’s Books”), or to schedule him for a multi-media lecture presentation or media interview, or about any other projects, you may do so by email at: [email protected]

For public and media inquiries related only and specifically to First Lady history, please contact him by email at: [email protected]

Otherwise, for further information, to ask questions or to leave comments about any one of the copyrighted articles on the magazine website Carl Anthony Online, please register your email on the Main Page, for free updates on new stories as they are published. This will enable you to leave your inquiry, question or comment which will be answered and also published.

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  1. Hi Carl, Enjoy your site!!

    I just found a very rare photo of Ellen Wilson with Mrs. Thomas Marshall, riding to (or from) Wilson’s 1912 Inaugural. I’ve never seen any pictures of her or the Wilson daughters at the inauguration. I wonder if you were aware of this image.

    • Thank you Mark – really thoughtful of you to send that along. I’d seen a different angle of them driving together but never this one – and it was certainly not this clear and distinct. Thanks very much. It wasn’t until eight years later (1921) when Florence Harding and Edith Wilson rode to the capital together for Harding’s inaugural that the tradition of the incoming and outgoing FLOTUS drove together and that custom was set. Greatly appreciate this though.

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