Presidential, First Lady, White House Memorabilia Auction Sale Now On

A color hand-tinted illustration of the President and Mrs. Grant hosting an East Room reception for Native American leaders and an 1880 book about the Grants’ famous tour around the world, just one of nearly 200 lots of presidential memorabilia being auctioned this week.

The auction of my presidential memorabilia collection on Everything But the House has begun.

Nearly 200 lots, almost all with multiple items of Presidents, First Ladies, First Families representing those from George and Martha Washington to Barack and Michelle Obama, from handwritten letters and autographs, White House invitations, ephemera, official Inaugural invitations and illustrated programs from 1841 to 2001, books, newspapers and magazines from 1827to 2001, novelties, household items, campaign buttons, satirical objects of protest, scorn and caricature, plates, memorial pieces – and more.

Each item and lot opens with just a bid of $1.00.

The auction runs until this Friday night, February 23, 2018.  T start, here is the “seller story” posted on the Everything But the House website.

Below is just a fraction of the items up for auction.

Screenshot of the “Seller Story” from the Everything But the House website, kicking off the auction house’s sale of my presidential memorabilia collection.

To read the full story, go to:

To begin reviewing the items and lots and start bidding, follow this link:

1827 original newspaper story on the scandalous and controversial Andrew Jackson marriage to Rachel Donelson Robards.

Rare color images of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and England’s King George and Queen Elizabeth during their visit to Hyde Park in 1939, an event made legendary when Eleanor Roosevelt served them American hot dogs for the first time.

A variety of memorabilia given to guests at Camp David, the presidential retreat.

A World War I booklet of rare images of President Woodrow Wilson.

The 1985 holiday gift print, an official White House gift given by President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan.

A bust of President Chester Alan Arthur.

The posthumously published private letters written by Titanic victim Archibald Butt, presidential aide to Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft providing intimate details about the personal lives of them and their families.

Original 1841 and 1889 newspaper accounts of the inaugurations of President William Henry Harrison and his grandson President Benjamin Harrison.

Jimmy Carter peanut novelties.

A rare 1890s book lavishly illustrated that is a comprehensive examination of the lives of all world leaders and their families at the time.

Pop culture items made during the Kennedy presidency, celebrating the iconic First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

A signed letter from former President Herbert Hoover to world famous harpist Mildred Dilling.

Pack of political cards caricaturing George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and other political figures of the early 21st century.

A 19th century plate featuring controversial First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln.

A memorial biography of President James A. Garfield immediately following his 1881 assassination, matching carte-de-visite cards of President Garfield and First Lady Lucretia Garfield.

Irreverent memorabilia following the controversial 1968 second marriage of the widowed Jackie Kennedy to Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.

An Ida McKinley stickpin, one of the earliest campaign buttons to feature a candidate’s wife, from the 1896 presidential election.

Harry S. Truman’s official 1949 Inaugural program, a book of 1948 presidential campaign cartoons and a music magazine featuring his daughter, singer Margaret Truman on the cover with Jimmy Durante.

A Leroy Nieman lithograph of a painting he did of President Andrew Jackson, signed by the artist.

Some rare miniature presidential toby mugs from an early 1930s set.

Ceramic wall hangings of President Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

An illustrated magazine covering the 1909 Taft inaugural with humorous cartoon drawings of outgoing President Theodore Roosevelt.

The very first public images of private White House rooms, published during the presidency of impeached Andrew Johnson, from 1866 and 1868.

A Christopher Radko Christmas ornament of President William Howard Taft.

Calvin and Grace Coolidge memorabilia, including a copy of the first Time magazine to feature a First Lady on the cover.

A collection of satirical comedy record albums about President Lyndon B. Johnson, First Lady Lady Bird Johnson, and their daughters Lynda Bird and Luci Baines, as well as the rare second volume of the Kennedy family comedy album “The First Family” which was pulled from sale upon JFK’s assassination, and a recording of the live television Kennedy-Nixon debates during the 1960 election.

An unusually large and mint condition Wedgewood plate featuring Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt made in limited edition for Hyde Park.

Original 1869 sheet music honoring Union general Ulysses S. Grant upon his becoming President, with engravings of the President and Mrs. Grant.

Pat and Tricia Nixon paper dolls, the Watergate coloring book featuring caricatures of figures from Spiro Agnew to Martha Mitchell, a radical newspaper with coverage of protests at Nixon’s 1973 inaugural and the memorial program distributed at Pat Nixon’s 1993 funeral.

A framed White House holiday gift print presented by the President and Mrs. Clinton.

An illustrated newspaper article about “Prince” John Van Buren, son of President Martin Van Buren.

The 1902 magazine cover that launched Alice Roosevelt into lifelong celebrityhood, declared by the media as America’s own “Princess Alice.”


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