Ari & Jackie Onassis: The Video & Five-Part Series, with New and Rare Photos

Some two years ago, this website ran a series of articles on Ari & Jackie Onassis, with two more intended to conclude it; for now, the short film below will suffice in concluding the story.

Ari and Jackie Onassis.

Several years ago, this website ran a series of articles on Ari & Jackie Onassis. The series can be found at the following links:

Ari & Jackie Onassis: Wedding, Yacht, Island, Bedroom and the End,  Part 1

Ari & Jackie Onassis: New Photos of Their Private Rooms, Part 2

Ari & Jackie Onassis: Their Blended Family Adapts, Part 3

Ari & Jackie Onassis: The U.S. First Lady as Greek Wife and Paris Resident, Part 4

Ari & Jackie Onassis: X-Rated Movie, Nude Photos, the Kennedys and Paradise Lost, Part 5

This short video summarizes their story:

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  1. I love your history and photos Mr. Anthony , but find it hard to see Jackie , who I loved , with Onassis . I”ve looked at thousands of pictures of her over the years, from her infancy to Dallas , with JFK and family and love them . When the sordid Greek appears , I near get ill . I know your just presenting the whole story and appreciate all your hard work . Thank you !

    • Thank you Bill Murray – even though you recall I recently banned your comments which derided President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton based on their physicality. Based on your reaction, the truth then is that you’d probably detest Jackie Kennedy Onassis for who she really was as a human being because she never lost her affection for her husband Aristotle Socrates Onassis as she never did for her husband John Fitzgerald Kennedy. As a widowed working editor she told colleagues she was “proud” of her Onassis name and took especially delight in signing “my squiggly s’s” for those expecting her signature as the “beautified, late, great Mrs. John F. Kennedy.” In 1980, while campaigning for Teddy Kennedy in a Greek restaurant, she remarked, “Oh, I miss my life in Greece.” As far as Onassis being sordid, I couldn’t agree with you more. However, he appears no more sordid than did her first husband. In light of documentation about President Kennedy’s sexual seduction of under-21 years old Mimi Alford and many other adulterous relationships, his reliance on illicit and unregulated drugs to cope with his considerable health challenges, it seems the real difference between her two husbands were their age, racial background and accomplishments. As to the last one, Onassis was motivated by pure greed, it was all a matter of enrichment for his personal wealth and he was ruthless in obtaining it. Kennedy was more often than not selfless, he had a larger and generous vision for the nation in terms of enacting equality for people regardless of race or economic, social, and educational status in his country and for the spread of democratic freedom over the cruel crush of communism among the non-aligned nations of the world. As to age, JFK was 12 years the senior of Jackie Bouvier while Onassis was 23 years her senior. As to racial background, JFK was an Irish-American Catholic. Onassis was of Greek ancestry born in Turkey, of the Christian Greek Orthodox faith and his three uncles, aunt and first cousin were burned to death in a christian church set afire. It was Jackie Bouvier’s sister Lee who surmised that strangers who strongly detested the marriage to Onassis were, in her opinion, reacting to him being a non-Anglo-Saxon, and older.

    • Mr. Murray – any human relationship is complex. Aristotle Onassis had real problems which he passed to his children. Like many men of his age he had trouble with the concept of fidelity – but as Mr. Anthony states in his response – so did President Kennedy.

      Aristotle Onassis made his fortune through illegal trade during a Greek-Turkish War. With that he eventually purchased a rather sad ship and he expanded from there. In essence he was a rags to riches story. Along the way Onassis married Athina Livanos largely because she was the daughter of a shipping magnet as well. The two are oddly interrelated twice in that Tina married John Spencer-Churchill but then later married her former brother-in-law. Onassis eventually “dated” the diva Maria Callas. Callas told all of her friends and it was somewhat common knowledge that Onassis was abusive – mentally and physically.

      Mrs. Jacqueline Onassis was familiar with monied men as her father “Black Jack Bouvier” was a bit wild and eventually drover her mother to a divorce and later into the arms of Hugh D. Auchincloss. Mrs. Onassis had known Mr. Onassis through her sister, Princess Lee Radziwill. She had lost her baby Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, and Mr. Onassis gave her a brief respite from a very difficult situation.

      In short Onassis and Kennedy were men who provided a means to an end and in exchange Mrs. Kennedy Onassis enjoyed life for what it offered. No one could provide the kind of support Mr. Onassis could. The Kennedy’s were targets and she and her children quite possibly were as well. Onassis huge wealth and his lifestyle meant she could be relatively safe and secure.

  2. Two excellent analysis of a woman who to this day is loved and missed, not for the life she led but rather for the hope she offered.

    • Thank you Bill – you crystallize the reason for why still, to this day, she remains a figure of such fascination – how to hope after enduring what she did. Every so often, it seems, there is a realization of just how close she may have come to also being murdered and the traumatic aftermath of what she witnessed, and then recognition of how much perseverance it must have required for her to ever smile and laugh again.

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