Globe-Trotting Jackie Kennedy Onassis: A Picture Gallery for her 85th Birthday

Jackie Kennedy jet-setting in ’61. The American First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt would, rightly, come to be known as “the First Lady of the World,” for her tireless humanitarian work, especially the historic effort she made into the drafting and passage of the Declaration of Human Rights while serving as a U.S. representative at the United Nations. Since then, the former First Lady Hillary Clinton eclipsed the record for an understanding of the complexities between economics, human rights, culture and education which shape and guide the political power of nations and the fates of its people, serving in the capacity of the American Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. If her famous predecessor and famous successor globe-trotted to the corners of the world on behalf of humanitarian efforts and foreign policy, however, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis should also rightfully be remembered for the wanderlust which led her to explore new cultures and countries from the time she was a college student through the rest of her life. Famously, in her capacity as First Lady, she became the most potent weapon of personal diplomacy during the Cold War, an important figure making those trips to non-aligned nations that the U.S. was seeking to draw as allies. But part of the reason why she became the world’s most famous woman was also simply because she went out and into the world. In remembering her today, on what would have been her 85th birthday, through this gallery of images from just her more well-known world travels, one is struck by how she, as a proud representative of her own nation, paradoxically drew respect for it by so fully embracing the customs and cultures of the worlds she loved exploring. While pictures posing her with Kings and Queens, Presidents and Popes always draw attention, a larger number of them show her being drawn to the everyday men, women and children, always seeking to discern the common bond she had with them. These images are not in any particular order, the randomness of it all just flowing as they were retrieved from the website’s vast photo archive. Certainly, readers are welcome, as always to not only make corrections (many of the images were purchased years ago from newspaper morgues and often lacked proper dates and identity of place) but to  also contribute photographs which are decidedly missing, like those showing her in Yugoslavia, Poland, Holland, Germany,

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