Reign of King Fido Enters Tenth Year

Yeager, my companionate Weimaraner.

Yeager, my companionate Weimaraner.

This new year of 2011 marks the tenth anniversary of the installation of “King Fido,”  Yeager Meister I, America‘s Most Beloved Weimaraner, Protector of Foodstuffs in the Kingdom of Carlifornia. With the simply unscrolling of adoption papers, sealed by deliverers Friends For Pets (  the “Old Boy” as his intimate circle now more frequently dubs him, stepped onto his royal blue throne and commenced a benevolent era.

During his reign he has sailed past the inconvenience of a crushed and reconstructed paw, three mast cell cancer (skin) surgeries, dire predictions of imminent demise to Degenerative Myleopathy, Cushing’s Disease, and Laryngeal Paralysis.

His visage of dotage, glimpsed by admirers caught unawares on sidewalks during his daily open-air cart drive, suggests other ancient royals of such standing, including the Empress Hsu Si of China. This Being most Humans traditionally consider a mere Dog (whilst yours truly thinks of him as a God) reaches another milestone on January 4,  the halfway mark to reaching age 16.

On a personal note, I am gratefully shocked that this sweet-souled Yeager Meister the Weimaraner whom I adopted on New Year’s Day 2002 is still here, especially at 90 pounds and longer than six feet when reclining on beds, sofas and his own blue chaise lounge. I’m proud that he’s broken the records and sneered at life expectancy predictions. I am also aware of the fact that time is fleeting, all the more reason I remain committed to every day – every hour, really – of his well-being. And believe it or not, I still continue to observe and learn those primal yet practical lessons from this living being which are vital to the genuine indepth enjoyment of living but are too often ignored, feared, neglected and forgotten by our own species, we the allegedly higher-evolved ones who are so easily distracted by what we’re sold to believe is more important.

An odd piece to christen this website blog on American Pop and Political Culture?

Perhaps, but not only will it start my stories about him here, but I intend to extend its relevancy to what is said to be nearly 80 percent of all American households where Canine is King.

And if I am sometimes delayed in posting stories here in a timely fashion, just know I answer to a higher authority.

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  1. Congrats Carl! Great posts. Being a marketing exec, I particularly enjoyed reading about Clorox and Martha W. Very informative. Keep blogging brother.

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