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Presidents in Drag: Under Cartoon Petticoats A Subversive Sexism

In this Halloween season, there’s no better time to look back at what is perhaps the most peculiar propensity of the past presidency. Unknown to most Americans is the custom, begun in 1840 of male Presidential candidates and Presidents cross-dressing as… Read More ›

Five Presidents Who Went to War & Killed Themselves For It: Lincoln(Part 1)

It won’t be the first time – and it’s likely not to be the last. If, as the currently unfolding situation suggests, President Barack Obama determines an incursion of military action into blood-soaked embattled Syria, he will join a long… Read More ›

Bush Grandsons Entering Politics, Trying to Turn the Latino Vote Republican

George P. Bush first became famous as the grandson of the forty-first U.S. President George Bush, the son of former Florida Governor James Ellis “Jeb” Bush, the nephew of forty-third President George W. Bush and great-grandson of the late U.S…. Read More ›

The Twinges and Twang of George W. Bush’s 2000 & 2004 Campaign Music

All through the twelve years of his father’s four campaigns for the highest national offices, George W. Bush was at his father’s side: 1980, when he lost the presidential nomination but won as the vice-presidential candidate with Reagan, their 1984… Read More ›

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