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The President’s Cookout, Ike at the Grill: A Fifties Food Fave of Eisenhower

In a blink, it seems, Memorial Day the symbolic kickoff of summertime is here. Call it grilling or barbecuing, but cooking food over hot coals outside has been a traditional component of the holiday weekend ever since the “Fabulous Fifties,”… Read More ›

Michelle Obama: A Story of First Lady Influence Having National Impact (Part 2)

If you find yourself pleasantly surprised at Walmart or enjoying the new menu at Olive Garden, guess who you may have to thank? Except perhaps for her televised fitness contest demonstration, in which she challenged Late Night comedian and host… Read More ›

Thanks to Presidents Giving Us Turkey Day & Pictures of First Family Thanksgivings

It’s often posited that how a President and his family live in the White House not only reflects contemporary Pop Culture but that news about otherwise mundane details of their choices can often lead the nation’s people towards or away… Read More ›

Promising Chickens, Delivering an Egg: Food Helps Hoover Win Election

Perhaps no presidential candidate had a campaign which used more references and allusions to food than did the 1928 Republican nominee Herbert Hoover. Ironically, however, he never uttered the golden words most commonly attributed to him, a promise to voters… Read More ›

How the Michelle Obama & Ann Romney Cookie Contest Started: Blame Mrs. Harrison’s Pigs-in-a-Blanket

Republicans and Democrats are offering each other bitter commentary and salty language in judging the first presidential debate performances on Wednesday night of President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. But its nothing but sugar when it came to the… Read More ›

“Beerack” Obama’s Home Brew is Latest Chapter In Presidential Booze Story

His July 2009 “Beer Summit” might have tipped us off. Working on he premise that there might be little that can’t be reasonably resolved over some beers, seven months into his new job as Chief Executive, President Barack Obama hosted… Read More ›

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