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Whore, Hayseed, Bigamist, Bigot, Slut, Snob, Drunk: Candidate Wives As Campaign Issues

Earlier this week, another malicious skirmish broke out on the presidential campaign trail. First came an advertisement from a wing of the Stop-Trump movement using an old advertising photograph of the the candidate’s wife Melania Trump, a former model, showing… Read More ›

Jackie in Harlem, Mamie on TV & Other Former First Lady Campaigning

Just posted on the National First Ladies’ Library Blog is the first compact history of former First Ladies getting out on the presidential campaign trail on behalf of candidates other than their husbands.┬áBut it was still, largely, a family affair…. Read More ›

After Terror Attack, First Lady Fortifies Fearful Nation: Mrs. Roosevelt’s Pearl Harbor Day Address

Terrorism. Refugees. Homeland protection. Fascism. Wartime preparation. Words from the White House. Two days ago, Sunday, December 6, 2015, President Barack Obama addressed the nation on the burgeoning war on terrorism, following a deadly attack in California. Seventy-three years ago… Read More ›

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