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  1. Thanks for the history Carl. Did you attend the services in Simi Valley today?

  2. Mr. Anthony, I adore your site and your writing. I seem to recall that Mrs. Clinton once said she was not a “stand by your man” type of woman as a way of denying her husband’s infidelities. When did she actually acknowledge his proclivities? I cannot recall.

    Thank you for providing us with timely information and for sharing your vast knowledge!

    • Yes – it was her tacit acknowledgement in the context of forgiveness and it was her remarks that just immediately followed her saying “I’m not here like ‘some stand by your man’ woman,” and says she knew and loved him – it was on 60 Minutes in January or February of 1992.

  3. all of this is very confusing! The news special re: the compounds (founded by the Romney grandfather) was certainly thought provoking!? The hypocrisy is even more -I thought they would love Trump!

  4. Thank you again Mr. Anthony , Wow ! Jackie was so pretty , such expressive eyes , like she was looking at your soul . I compare her and Hillary, what an embarrassment to have those two thieves in America’s White House . From a Camelot to the sewer ! I know Mr. Anthony that Camelot’s walls had many cracks , but we were proud of being Americans’ when JFK and Jackie lived there . The Country had such positive vibes in that Administration . I’m 71 now and hardly recognize what we’ve become . PS Trivia, Q. did you know JFK had a N.N. of ” shafty ” ? ( i won’t speculate why , it was in his Navy days )

    • Thanks for writing Bill. As for the Clintons, Jackie Onassis was one of the earliest and most important supporters of Clinton – she and her son John, Jr. both sent big contributions to Clinton in 1991, a year before the campaign. Jackie Onassis was extremely fond of Hillary Clinton and invited her to visit her at her apartment on many occasions in New York as well as her home on Martha’s Vineyard. Jackie Onassis said “America is getting a deal with Hillary Clinton. She is worth at least two Helen of Troys.” In fact, John said that the only time he believed his mother was ready to come back again to visit the White House was during the Clinton years (except for the 1971 visit to the Nixons so her children could see the portraits), because Jackie Onassis trusted the Clintons and related to them more than any of her other successors. She compared Clinton to JFK on several occasions.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful posting (along with other ones as well.)
    I am a college student who likes history, and also crazy about the Reagan family. Your personal account and such sophisticated details fills me with excitement as I go through them. You are so lucky to have had such wonderful first-hand experiences. And it is also very generous of you to share them.

  6. Looks like you’ve had a fun day! Thanks for the laughs!

  7. An insightful and mesmerizing article as usual, Carl. I was actually moved to tears by your vivid account of Jackie’s final days and hours in the place where she had spent the happiest years of her life. Great job!

    • Thank you very much for that well-expressed reaction Patrick. I apologize for the delay in responding – I have neglected writing new content and responding on my website, alas, time being pinched for other projects.

  8. I also value your scholarship and respect for facts. I’ve wondered whether the letter Mrs. Onassis wrote to Mrs. Reagan after the attempt on President Reagan’s life is in the holdings of his library in Simi Valley? Do you know? And if so, has it not been made available for review by scholars such as yourself?

    • I thought I might have responded to this – forgive me for not doing so. I am unsure of whether the letter has been donated to by the family to the foundation and, if so, whether the foundation has donated it to the RR Presidential Library/National Archives.

  9. It would be very interesting to read what President Jefferson has to say about the lying Clinton woman and her crime syndicate. Does anyone know if such a document exists?

  10. Great job! Histories, details, pictures, exactly how I remember. I grew up in South America reading articles everywhere about Jackie and Onassis.

  11. Classic, fascinating Carl Anthony article complete with wonderful history. Only you could put together this marvelous story! Many thanks! Todd

  12. Hi Carl,
    As always, I enjoyed the article. I would just note that in the photo of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher at the Nixon White House, the room they are in is actually the State Dining Room and not the East Room as the caption states.
    Kindest regards,
    Jon Castelli

  13. I can only smile a wry smile thinking about what Bess Truman’s daughter Margaret would say about this comparison. A droll “mother was no stripper” comes immediately to mind!

  14. Carl,

    I loved the gallery of FLOTUSs handing off tenancy at 1600: from Edith and Flossie to Michelle and Melania. The simple act of two couples passing through the front door under the portico for an awkward limo ride signifies some form of continuity. Even though the country is deeply divided these rituals signify endings and beginnings with the promise change.

    Also I saw you on REEL TV during a Jackie documentary as a commentator. You looked and sounded good.

  15. Hi Carl: I’ve got a question 4 U. I am recalling one male celeb, a powerful person of the 1970’s making a crack about how it blew his mind, that most of the women of my generation were seeing MTM & Jackie as their ideal women. Obviously, he was one of the intellegensia of that era NOT too impressed with these pretty women, or maybe he was just trying to be “cool”. I can’t remember who it was, or the exact words of his, but here are some guesses I tried to come up with: Norman Mailer, Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote (I don’t think it was True, too obvious) Gore Vidal, Halston, Tom Wolf, Hunter Thompson?? Steve Rubell? Marlon Brando? I recall the remark was made around the time of the ERA controversy. This guy seemed to feel that the infatuation American women had for these two, disqualified them for equal rights. It is driving me mad! Not to recall who it was, because I was attracted to that person. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was my feminine ideal. I didn’t even own a TV in the 70’s, (I did one better than you) I never saw Mary Tyler Moore on TV. I would see and read about her in Vogue or Harpers.

  16. I’ve had an interest in the Presidents since I was 8 years old. I’ve been traveling around the country for years to their homes, graves, & libraries. Donald Trump is ruining all of it. Now he’s planning to sell off the National parks.😒

  17. It is a bit of shame that neither Nancy Tuckerman nor Letitia Baldridge never really clarified what Jackie thought about very important matters. It would have been nice if the taped records of her speaking with Ted Sorenson had been clarified. What were her thoughts on the entire Marilyn Monroe scandal? How did she feel about the Warren Commission. You certainly get the feeling that she felt Lyndon Johnson was a bit odd. Johnson’s phone calls to her after her husband died had almost a mobster feeling to them. Far from being a consoling father figure – I think perhaps he did intend that – it seemed more like an opportunity for him to remind her who was in charge. The sense I got was that she really believed he had been involved in Kennedy’s assassination. And I’m still not unconvinced that he was. Nancy Tuckerman and Pamela Turnure could have lent their thoughts about the matter to clarify where she was coming from. Also her life after Onassis is a bit fuzzy for me. Maurice Tempelsman seemed like a man she at least cared about. Though I’m not really certain why. He wasn’t especially handsome nor was he as rich as Onassis. I got the sense they shared culture – and that he was a cultured, educated man and perhaps that was the draw. Her relationship with Onassis I never really understood. I had heard that at first she loved him. But he seemed so rough hewn in comparison with the other men she had dated.

  18. Thank you for your resurrection of a founding document at a most appropriate time! The mop on the MOP’s head has more sense than the man himself. It will take patriots like you to continually remind the population of the importance of our country’s history. Bravo!