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The Newt Gingrich “Open Marriage,” Adultery, Divorce, & Illegitimate Kids of Other Candidates

Newt Gingrich’s sharp rebuke of CNN moderator John King’s probing into his second wife’s claim that he asked for an “open marriage” to accommodate the woman who became his third wife abruptly derailed further discussion of the issue then and… Read More ›

Republican Candidates’ Retro Touch: Sarah Palin as Gracie Allen, Christmas Carol Campaign Song, Can Sex Sell Santorum?

This third in a series on 2012  Republican Presidential candidates and which previous candidates their campaign personae most resemble, begins with Sarah Palin and Chris Christie, who’ve just chosen not to run and comparisons which may suggest why: Former Governor… Read More ›

Recognizing Republican Candidates as Retro Replicas: Part 1, Perry and Romney

If you include the two still-not-running candidates, there’s eleven Republicans vying for their party’s 2012 presidential nomination and making their case on unemployment, economic instability, banking reform, trade, terrorism, wars, foreign affairs, abortion, infrastructure, education, global warning, gay equality, immigration… Read More ›

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