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Jackie Kennedy’s Surprise Party for Nancy Tuckerman, Her Confidential Friend of a Lifetime

She has never been fully credited with the lifetime of devoted friendship and trust she provided for her friend, who happened to be the world’s most famous woman, but public acclaim was always the last thing which Nancy Tuckerman sought…. Read More ›

Weiner’s Sexting, Media Manipulation & The Cost to Us

It’s so trite nobody cares who ultimately profits and suffers. The male candidate commits some form of marital infidelity.  The complicit female counterpart is aggrieved yet profits. The media ensures that obsessive coverage of the story obliterates boring analysis of the… Read More ›

Eleanor Roosevelt’s Mysteriously Missing Grandfather & was she part-Italian?

Despite her being born forty-five years before Jacqueline Kennedy, there is a similar pattern in the story of Eleanor Roosevelt‘s Irish immigrant heritage.  It illustrates less the shame of humble origin than how the power of incredible wealth can lead people… Read More ›

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