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The First President To Win With Actors: Al Jolson’s 1920 Campaign Song for Harding

George Clooney, fundraising and providing thematic strategy for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign or Clint Eastwood speaking at the convention nominating Mitt Romney: neither story causes a blink in either Hollywood or Washington. Yet preceding even the famous efforts of… Read More ›

Ronald Reagan & Bette Davis: Politically Oppositional Co-Stars

Unlike Presidents such as Franklin Roosevelt, Nixon, or Obama, chronicling an unusual pairing between any Hollywood Actor or Actress and Ronald Reagan is almost an exercise in futility, a nearly moot story since Reagan was himself a professional Hollywood Actor… Read More ›

Playing Presidents: Good History vs. Good Drama and the Actor JFK wanted to play Him, Part II

With so many events to bend into two hours, presidential biopics offer less chance to plumb the character of a President than do those films which focus on a specific conflict from their life. Critics faulted Amistad (1997) on both… Read More ›

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