‘President James A. Garfield with James G. Blaine After Being Sho’

Picture of President James A. Garfield with James G. Blaine after being shot by Charles Julius Guiteau. President Garfield was shot by Guiteau at 9:30am on July 2nd 1881, after being in office for only 4 months. At the time of the incident, the President was at the Sixth Street Station of the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad in Washington DC, on his way to a Williams College reunion, with Secretary of State James G. Blaine and his two sons, James and Harry. The President was shot by two bullets; one shooting through his shoulder and out his back, barely missing an artery; the second was lodged in his chest. Alexander Graham Bell used a metal detector in an attempt to find the bullet, but Garfield was lying on a metal bedframe, which made the detector malfunction. Garfield became very ill over several weeks because of infection, and this caused his heart to weaken. He died of a massive heart attack or a ruptured splenic artery aneurysm, following blood poisoning and bronchial pneumonia, at 10:35pm on Monday, September 19th 1881.


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