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Jackie Kennedy as Icon: A Pop Culture Big Bang (Part 2)

Initially, it was the rarity of Jackie Kennedy’s youth during her husband’s 1960 presidential campaign and election which drove media coverage about her beyond that usual level given spouses of presidential candidates.  Her sleek clothes propelled it through the 1961 Inauguration and… Read More ›

On Tour with Jackie Kennedy: Feasting on Hydra to Parthenon Politicking (Part 4)

Not wanting the American First Lady to fear the intrusions she had unexpectedly encountered in London and Rome during her vacation in their country, Greek Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis ordered the highest level of security, exceeding that even provided for Vice… Read More ›

Liz Taylor Meets Jackie Kennedy Onassis: From Tabloid Imagination to Once in Real Life…With the Only Photos of That Magic Moment! Part II

Part 2: Just in case Photoplay’s dismissive March 1964 headline about Liz and Dick had suggested the wedding was a dull afterthought, the tab’s April cover made up for it, featuring the couple kissing with the lure of exclusive photos…. Read More ›

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