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Marion Berry: Not the DC Mayor, the Oregon Pie

Washington, D.C.’s  imprisoned and re-elected mayor (1979-1991; 1995-1999) is Marion Barry. Oregon’s longish, glossy, purple  fruit is the Marion Berry. And that makes Marionberry Pie the unofficial though unchallenged  State Pie of Oregon. Found in profusion along Willamette Valley vines each… Read More ›

Old-School New Year’s Day Food: From the South, North or Midwest – its Imported

Holidays, as celebrated throughout the United States, are closely tied to annual feasts of traditional foods. Thanksgiving has its turkey and pumpkin pie, Christmas its goose, Hanukah its fried potato pancakes, St. Patrick’s Day is usually marked with plates of… Read More ›

Princess Diana’s Wedding Cake….The Recipe, Finally, Per Many Requests

By request of many people who’ve written to me from the February posting about how the cake tastes like, well…bit reminiscent of Sara Lee’s Banana Cake, sold frozen in tin pans – but pretty addictive…finally, the recipe of Diana’s cake….not… Read More ›

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