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Keep Grandma Upstairs: Jackie Kennedy’s Family Secrets & The Lie Her Mother Told

This article is part of an ongoing series about the racial, religious and ethnic identity of First Ladies, beginning with the recent discoveries about First Lady Michelle Obama and her ancestry from both an Irish immigrant family of Georgia slave-owners… Read More ›

Two Legitimate First-Generation Presidential Candidates For the First Time in History: Obama & Romney

They’re both long gone but the fathers of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have unwittingly created an unprecedented aspect to the 2012 presidential election. For the first time in American History, both major party candidates are legitimate first-generation Americans. Unlike… Read More ›

The Truth Behind the Cherry Blossoms: A First Lady’s Vision of Racial and Class Integration

On one aspect of the Washington Establishment, there is universal agreement. Everyone loves the cherry blossoms. Annually, the trees burst in various shades of pink around the Tidal Basin at West Potomac Park. Day-tripping Pennsylvania senior citizens, members of local… Read More ›

Romney & Santorum: Still Channeling Dewey & Goldwater, Throwing Caution to the Crowds & Selling Sex

On the eve of the Michigan and Arizona primaries, the two leading Republican Presidential Candidates, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum may be looking to the future, but they often still look like the past. Specifically, both… Read More ›

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