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A National Stage where Iconic Movie Stars meet Presidents & First Ladies.

Playing Presidents: Good History vs. Good Drama and the Actor JFK wanted to play Him, Part II

With so many events to bend into two hours, presidential biopics offer less chance to plumb the character of a President than do those films which focus on a specific conflict from their life. Critics faulted Amistad (1997) on both… Read More ›

Liz Taylor Meets Jackie Kennedy Onassis: From Tabloid Imagination to Once in Real Life…With the Only Photos of That Magic Moment! Part II

Part 2: Just in case Photoplay’s dismissive March 1964 headline about Liz and Dick had suggested the wedding was a dull afterthought, the tab’s April cover made up for it, featuring the couple kissing with the lure of exclusive photos…. Read More ›

How Hollywood Helped Reagan Change Washington: With Previously Unpublished Photos

  As the media breathlessly anticipates tonight’s Academy Awards by heralding the talents at the heart of the commercial film industry, it’s odd how the earlier career of President Ronald Reagan was either belittled or ignored during the recent coverage… Read More ›

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