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Ronald Reagan & Bette Davis: Politically Oppositional Co-Stars

Unlike Presidents such as Franklin Roosevelt, Nixon, or Obama, chronicling an unusual pairing between any Hollywood Actor or Actress and Ronald Reagan is almost an exercise in futility, a nearly moot story since Reagan was himself a professional Hollywood Actor… Read More ›

Miami Golf and UFOs? Why Jackie Gleason Campaigned for Nixon and a Shocking Allegation

It’s absolutely certain that they shared two great passions. Miami, and golf. And, legend has it, actor and performer Jackie Gleason and President Richard Nixon had a mutual curiosity about UFO’s and extra-terrestrial beings. Yet in the public imagination, they… Read More ›

JFK with the World’s Hottest Actresses and….Hazel the Maid?!

  President John F. Kennedy is often perceived as the first sort of “Mr. Hollywood,” among the American Presidents when, in truth, most of his predecessors also maintained friendships with powerful entertainment industry figures both behind and in front of… Read More ›

Super-Seventies Movie! The Nixons & John Wayne, the Gabors, Mary Tyler Moore, Glen Campbell, Lawrence Welk & More!

Plaid sport-jackets, bell-bottom pants, wide ties in eye-popping patterns, macrame shawls, wedge heels, massive patent-leather handbags, frosted hair, pompadoured hair, seersucker suits, rayon everything, white belts, hot pants, wrap skirts, Maude-like whatever-they’re-called shoulder-to-floor vest-skirts. It was the ubiquitous vibe of… Read More ›

Other Photos & Stars from Marilyn Monroe’s Happy Birthday Night to JFK & His Reaction

Fifty years ago tonight, more happened than just Marilyn Monroe singing her famous sultry rendition of Happy Birthday to President Kennedy. With the need to reduce so much news and history to a single snapshot image or quotable line, the… Read More ›

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