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New Evidence Tells Truth of George Washington’s Cherry Tree Tale

For generations, American school children hung classrooms with red-paper hatchets and cherries to honor the first President on his February 22 birthday. Through all those years, kids were told George Washington couldn’t tell a lie and when asked by his… Read More ›

The Four Best Presidential Pumpkin Pies: From the first Adams and Johnson, Ike & Reagan

When it comes to Presidents, the quality of political policy is entirely inconsistent with that of their pumpkin pie.   There’s not even a preference for pumpkin over mince, for example, among those regularly rated as either the “best” (like… Read More ›

Poisoning the President? Florence Harding & Her Husband's "Strange" Death, August 2, 1923

(This material is copyrighted) She was so inexplicably, almost mystically drawn to Alaska, First Lady Florence Harding had visions of the territory’s snow-capped mountains in her dreams. And nibbling on the frozen treat sensation of 1923 – the Eskimo Pie,… Read More ›

Michelle Obama's Hamburger and How First Ladies Play a Role in the Politics and Pop Culture of Presidential Food, Part II

As Michelle Obama has learned through her love of the potato, fried or baked, a First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) is held to the same standard as a President [POTUS] and used as ammunition in political attacks. In… Read More ›

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