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Media Alert: Carl Anthony on C-Span First Ladies Series, Monday June 10, Ida McKinley

On Monday, June 10, two days after her birthday (and a few days before his own) Ida McKinley’s new biographer, author of this website, will appear on the C-Span First Ladies series, the second such one, following ┬ádiscussion of Lucretia… Read More ›

First Photographed First Lady: A Girl Elopes with the President & Brands Her Image

First Lady Michelle Obama has taken to Twitter to keep herself before the American public, updating them on her activities. Jackie Kennedy went on television, conducting a black-and-white videotaped tour of the White House. Eleanor Roosevelt made herself a national… Read More ›

Jackie Kennedy’s Dogged Influence on JFK Jr. & Canine-Themed Homes

While yesterday’s article, The Dogs of Jackie O: Jackie Kennedy’s Lifetime of Canine Companions, detailed the First Lady’s life alongside a series of pooches during almost fifty of her sixty-four years, even after there were no longer four-legged friends in… Read More ›

The Untold Mary Lincoln Story Spielberg Couldn’t Show & None Seem to Know

A week after President’s Day and during Black History Month, the Academy Award ceremony brings renewed focus on Best Supporting Actress-nominee Sally Field’s portrayal of First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln in screenwriter Tony Kushner’s and director Steven Spielberg’s masterful feature… Read More ›

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