A Cleveland Dog Resists Rescue for Two Years

Ceci, an abandoned dog who waited for two years before accepting another person's compansionship. {cleveland.com)

Ceci, an abandoned dog who waited for two years before accepting another person’s compansionship. {cleveland.com)

Donna J. Miller, the reporter who wrote the story for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Donna J. Miller, the reporter who wrote the story for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

This article was written by Donna J. Miller, reporter of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and first appeared on www.cleveland.com on January 9, 2014, with accompanying photograps by Angeline Dzadony.

An abandoned black dog held a lonely vigil for two years in Cleveland’s Old Brooklyn neighborhood, until she received a Christmas present from the 66-year-old woman who wouldn’t give up on winning her trust.

“I spotted her in the winter of 2011 sitting across Valley Road near Denley Avenue,” Angeline Dzadony said. “I thought she belonged to someone, but I kept seeing her every day. It would break my heart. She just looked so alone, sitting there like a little soldier.”

Ceci waits in the park for her human companion who never returned.

Ceci waits in the park for her human companion who never returned.

Dzadony learned from neighbors that the dog’s owners had moved away and left her. A neighborhood boy thought her name was CiCi.

“I think she was waiting for her owners to come back,” Dzadony said, “so I would feed her every day and talk to her, trying to win her trust, and let me tell you, it was the hardest thing I ever did.”

Dzadony already had two large dogs of her own to feed, Shadow, a black Labrador, and Babe, a shepherd, “and the shy lonely dog had hiding places on a large piece of land with a ravine,” Dzadony said.

“I do not understand why people just dump their dogs. They are like children who can not speak and do not understand why they are left behind.”

Last month, Dzadony gave herself two weeks to capture CiCi.

Angeline Dzadony with Ceci.

Angeline Dzadony with Ceci.

“This Christmas Eve, I went up there at 11 a.m. with a leash and collar and told her, ‘We are going home. This is your Christmas present.’ And it was like she knew it was time to get off the streets.”

Dzadony slipped on the collar and leash and walked CiCi home.

Dzadony’s daughter Andrea Crouse said, “My mother fell twice, hitting her head both times, and was bumped by a car, while checking on CiCi.

“I want people to know that if you own a pet or plan on owning a pet, this is the kind of love you should give them. Enough love that nothing will keep you from taking the best care of them. Pets are our family members, like our children,” Crouse said.

“I’m not sure how mom will manage three dogs, but I will tell you with confidence that she will find a way. She is what a true animal lover is supposed to be.”

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  1. This article could not have come to me at a better time, as I have been digging hunting, crying,and wondering what in the world I am going to do with my 4 yr. old cocker spaniel who is not to be trusted, he bites. The reason apparently is BECAUSE period….if he’s not happy. I know now what to do: I have to love him enough to help him, and I will. This lady loved enough that she helped. It the only right thing to do.

    • Dear Christi: First off, thank you for your response – it is just the type of reader comment which is gratifying about publishing this website, particularly articles on Dogs and other animals, because it serves some purpose in some way to help Humans help Animals. From the beginning to the end of their lives, Dogs have issues of every type arise, and sometimes the emotional and psychological ones are more insidious than the more obvious physical ailments which can beset them. And that is where that one attribute we all strive for, sometimes gain permanently but often have to make an effort to remain keen comes into play: patience. And the foundation of that is as much – as you say – love, as it is tenacity, hope and focus. I won’t use this response to detail what I went through at the end of my dog’s life but patience was definitively a virtue I had to relearn – and anyone who gets either a puppy or rescue knows there are a myriad of challenges in helping a Dog learn to enjoy their live to the fullest potential all along the way – not learning how to relieve themselves in the right place, possessiveness of food, separation anxiety, phobias, running wildly once off-leash. If it is of any help, just know that while millions of people might not be faced by your Dog’s particular challenge, they are with you in the realm of harnessing their love and dedication into plain, old patience.

  2. This was an awesome story. About an awesome human being

    • Thank you Peter – and I agree…and I also cannot take any credit whatsoever for it. This is only the second article I’ve ever published here which I did not write, the other one also relating to dogs. I just felt it was too important to merely post on Facebook or elsewhere, but to provide in full here where a lot of people interested in Dogs come.

      Two people deserve credit for this. First is Angeline Dzadon, the patient, understanding person who never gave up on the Dog and then Donna J. Miller, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter who wrote the story and through whom others might now be inspired to do likewise.

  3. Carl, thank you for sharing this story. This was a perfect read for my morning. For all of the people who mistreat animals, there are so many ready and willing to nurture, love, and give them the home they deserve. Angeline has love, patience and persistence. She didn’t give up and was loyal to CiCi. LOYALTY – a sense of duty or attachment to something or someone. In my opinion, one of the best qualities one can have.


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