Keeping Clean with the Presidents

Yes, as they say, politics is a dirty business. And toiling as President can prove to be grimier and filthier than any political office.

They promise to be pure. They promise to clean up the mess left by the fellow before them. They won’t muddy the waters with their objectives.

Well, some Presidents have done just as they said they would.

In one form or another.

George Washington soap, scented, unscented and cherrywood.

Dead after one month as President, William Henry Harrison caught a cold going outside. With wet hair, no doubt.

Nixon showers out perfectly clear.

Spotless Millard Fillmore left northern abolitionists hanging. Like his soap-on-a-rope.

The Ironic James Garfield shaving mug.

For that truly monumental clean, try George, Abe, Tom and Teddy All-in-One: You’ll come away feeling dignified, intelligent, honest and brave all day.

William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt soap cakes: a two-for-one pair at the polls.

A Mr. Clean for politics…

…Scrub Bucket sold separately.

The Obama Bathtub Rubber Ducky: proof of government intruding your right to privacy!

Clinton Toilet Plunger (


The Bush Toilet Bowl Brush: It’s a dirty job, but someone has to enforce it.

And it’s good training for budget-trims.

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  1. great humor as ever Carl… LOL – i cried so hard out of laughter, when i saw bushit toilet brush… i hope 49% of americans had one during his presidency ;D

  2. Forgot about ” Old Tippecanoe”! Do you believe in the curse? I tell you, one doesn’t need SOAP opera’s to be entertained, just read about our past Presidents lives and history!

    • Haha…I like that. First of all, thanks so much for taking the trouble to even write again. Second = hmm, that curse. No – I don’t believe in curses of any kind. I believe people lead themselves into self-fulfilling prophesies. And I think he just was too old and weak and got sick – and was overwhelmed with those office-seekers. Poor old W.H.

  3. So funny! Now I don’t feel so bad about designing the Jackie Kennedy Christmas stocking…


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