Eleanor Roosevelt an “I Love Lucy” Fan?

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  1. Dear Mr. Anthony,
    As a teenager, Lucille Ball had a bout with polio that caused one leg to be shorter than another.
    My niece is the historian for the Lucy-Desi Museum.

    • Thanks – that gives greater context to why she would have felt compelled to attend the event – a more personal reason. I will update the story to include that. By the way, if your niece ever finds a photo of Lucille Ball meeting President Eisenhower, let me know…I have searched far and wide and only found one of the backs of William Frawley and Vivian Vance meeting him at the United Jewish Appeal (I believe that was the organization) fundraiser where they performed for him – there is even an intro of the show which was televised called “Dinner with the President.” But no image of Lucy and Ike – two icons of their era. Thanks again

  2. I will definitely contact my niece who is the historian for the Lucy-Desi Museum in Jamestown. I am sure that there is a photo of Lucy with Ike.
    But, I can tell you a story about Ike, as a former presdient, meeting the Young Desi Arnaz, Jr. on a golf course. He bent down, shook his hand and said ‘So, you’re the little guy who upstaged my inauguration.” More people tuned in to watch ‘Little Ricky’ (and simultaenously, the same day, Desi, Jr) born on the night of Jan 19, 1953, than who tuned into watch his inauguration the next day. That is an A.C. Neilsen fact!

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