Update: Christmas Crazy Target Lady Sings “The Santa Rap”

Crazy Target Lady strategy for Christmas shopping victory in the aisles at Target.

How I missed including this one of the Christmas Crazy Target Lady (aka Christmas Champ as Target titles her ) I don’t know, but it’s too good to just insert into the longer article about her in the previous post, from yesterday. I’ve also since learned that, according to the commercial series producers, Wieden + Kennedy, some of the best moments in their series of television commercials for Target are a result of letting the quick-witted comic genius Maria Bamford improv in this character role she’s made iconic. Whether Maria Bamford or the producers wrote her “Santa Rap” isn’t known, but here are the lyrics:

What I am getting Santa? I’ve been good…

Better bring sports equipment like you should!

Where you at Santa!? I ain’t playing!

I got a nice crib to park your sleigh on.

Where are those elves!? Where is your wife!?

You bring me that fancy electric knife!!

You don’t know me Santa! I‘ve been good!

I got plenty milk and cookies in my ‘hood!

Fa la la la la…Ho, Ho, Ho!

Fa la la la la…Ho, Ho, Ho!

And here’s the Christmas Crazy Target Lady bringing to life “The Santa Rap”…

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  1. Can’t get enough of her! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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