Coming This Week: A Series On Jackie Kennedy & Website Changes

The many lives of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

The many lives of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

To mark tomorrow’s birthday of Jackie Kennedy Onassis this website will feature a marathon series of articles focused closely on previously unknown and unexplored aspects of her life, and the myriad complexities and interests that fueled her endless search for knowledge, a consciousness of substance always at the root of her style.

Many of these articles will include clips from audio recordings that haven’t been heard and are not part of the several hours released in 2011 of her 1964 oral history, and other documents.

For the four and half years since this website has been publishing, one topic garners more daily interest than any other: Jacqueline Kennedy. The next two weeks will feature many unique perspectives on the woman once considered the world’s most famous. Gone for twenty years, she remains a figure of compelling fascination for so many across a startling wide swath of demographics.

All of these articles are of original conception and content. Gaining access to most of these new articles will be, as always, free. Those who already subscribe to will continue to have full access to all the free content.

However, beginning with this series, those wishing to read the free material will have to first register as subscribers.

Towards the end of the series, there will also appear the first “pay-per-view” article. This is simply a natural consequence of the enormous amounts of time necessary to thoroughly research and then write the articles, as well as extensive photo research.

Many technical shifts have to go on behind the scenes to make all this work smoothly. Please do report to me here by comment or by my email at any glitches or problems you may have in accessing the content or in registering as a subscriber. This includes those who view via Facebook; how to continue easy access to them is also paramount, so if there are access issues please contact me there.


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  1. what did Jackie Kennedy find in JFK’s desk?

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